The law
& seniors in ontario

Protecting Latin Seniors under the Umbrella of Law and Rights in Ontario.
Protegiendo al Adulto Mayor Latino bajo la Covertura de la Ley y sus Derechos en Ontario.


Training provided with the support of Law Foundation of Ontario

The legal topics for training under this project can be considered under the umbrella of safety and security. This project aims at train participants on the rights of seniors in the key three areas of: power of attorney and personal care, social assistance, and citizenship.

The legal topics involved in the training correspond to the needs and areas of concern mentioned by seniors as resulting from their vulnerability in terms of, safety and security. In the case of migratory circumstances, being in a difficult relationship because of being sponsored, persons may risk abuse. Fear is more common among seniors than anticipated. Also, dealing with the health system in Ontario and Canada is a daunting task as almost all the Latino seniors are not able to deal with the most basic requirements of the health system because of language or cultural barriers. Later in life this may be also the result of issues of mobility or other impediments.

Finally, the last part of the conditions generating insecurity and lack of safety is the access to benefits such as old age security and/or subsidized housing. Therefore, in the topic list we have under social assistance parts related to poverty such as tenant law and poverty.

Power of attorney and personal care

This topic discuss issues concerning health and quality of life, which are of fundamental concern for Latin American seniors. The daily practices in a medical setting can have severe consequences on patients. Having seniors patients supported with a backbone of legal understanding of what their rights to treatment are will have positive consequences on their feeling safe, security, and dignity. This topic will also include information on right to refuse treatment, patient rights, wills and estates, long-term care and continuing power of attorney for property.

Social assistance

Approximately 70% of Spanish-speaking seniors live in poverty. It is essential that they are given information on entitlements and benefits in order to ensure that they are receiving the funds they need to live securely. We shall provide information on: CPP, OAS, GIS, and ODSP.

Citizenship and sponsorship breakdown

We do cover topics related to rights in Canada as a citizen and a consumer. Spanish-speaking seniors are vulnerable to scams. The training will cover some consumer protection safeguards. Another key area of concern for many Spanish-speaking seniors that was identified in our needs assessment involves family sponsorship breakdown. We do include information on rights of seniors in family sponsorship breakdown situations and the right to end violent relationships.




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